• Group Counseling/Therapy

    Groups are helpful to gain skills needed to overcome the challenges we are facing. They help normalize what you are going through and know you are not alone. You are able to gain different perspectives on the problems you are facing. Group therapy can also be an affordable choice for people needing help but are unable to afford individual counseling. New groups will be forming throughout 2017. Follow Unbroken Healing on Facebook to find out about the new groups starting.


    Art therapy can be very intimidating for some people due to being self conscious about their skills. This group is designed to make everyone feel welcome and grow regardless of their experience in with art. In this group you will be guided on creating your own narrative of the trauma you have experienced and express yourself in a none threatening way .


    This is two groups one for children with ADHD to gain the skills they need to succeed and grow. The second group is for parents to gain the skills they will need to support and guide their children through out their lives.


    This group will be divided into two groups one for girls entering middle school or need to gain skills for their next year in middle school. The second group will be for girls going into high school or ones needing to gain skills for next year.